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Event MC

Diana is the perfect MC for any event, whether they be serious affairs, a party, social networking event, conference or whatever else you can think of. She can help facilitate your event or just bring the loud personality and make some fun. It's up to you.

Diana began an interest in leadership at a young age and has spent many years perfecting the art of the conference host. As the runner of regular monthly and specialty events she's prepared for anything and is always ready to fill time and keep the night moving.


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"Diana is authentic, funny, and intelligent. I appreciate her wit, especially in her self-deprecating one-liners. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch Diana live, do yourself a favour a book yourself a ticket!"

Danielle Vassallo

"Diana is an amazing entertainer! Not only a great comedian... She really encourages you to embrace who you are and step outside your comfort zone! Can’t wait to see her on stage again!"

Nicole Garin

"Dynamic, sassy & funny  😍"

Shane Ladymoon

Trivia Host

Diana is also a part of the team known as The Host Masters. They offer DJ services, run karaoke and trivia nights and many combinations of the above for both private and public functions. If you're interested in any of these services click the button below.


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