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If you would like to get in contact with Diana please click the link bellow and email her and she will respond as soon as she can.

If you have a specific request relating to hiring her either as an event host, comedian, or artist please includes time and dates if you know them.


About Diana

Diana was born in Australia but spent some of her teen years in New York giving her and American accent that is confusing to everyone she meets. From a young age she showed a passion for performing and storytelling which she has kept with her throughout the years. Now it is showcased in all of her comedy shows as well as when she works as an MC, writer and very occasionally on stage as an actress.


By day she runs her business Dems Designs, a multi media communications company focused on helping small businesses learn and become self sufficient in their marketing needs. She does everything from build websites and set up social media platforms to teaching clients how to effectively use their social media presence for real world sales and how to use their camera phone to get decent images on the run.


Previously she ran shows with her business partner Malika. Together they created Cocoa And Butter Productions, a company focused on providing safe spaces for performers while also encouraging diversity of talent. The first room She'll Be Right was an all female variety show and the first in the country.


Diana's dedication to diversity and supporting her community lead to her winning an International Women's Day award in 2019.

If you don't find her on stage or in front of her computer then she's probably out walking her dog, Bongo, who you may also see at a show from time to time.

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Diana is a graphic designer, photographer, videographer and website designer. She loves to help businesses with their logos, branding, social media and more. So if you're in need of a designer check out all of her work at Dems Designs.

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Diana was the cofounder of Cocoa & Butter Productions which ran a variety of shows across the Illawarra and beyond each month. It was dissolved in early 2023so Diana could pursue other creative endeavours, while incredibly successful it was also really time consuming.


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