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Diana McLaren

Why should you come see diana?


"Diana is an extremely funny, sassy, multi-talented entertainer."

Peter Caddle


Diana is an event MC, comedian, actor, and writer... amongst other things.


As an Australian with an American accent, she loves to use her varied life experiences and unique viewpoint to fuel all of her creative endeavors.


Event mC

Whether you need an MC for your function or corporate event or for a night of laughter and entertainment then you need Diana.

Not only can she get the energy up and make sure everyone's having a good time but she's also a master of get to know you games.



Welcome 'The Queen of Oversharing'...

Diana has been performing as a stand up comedian since 2018 . She fell in love with making other people laugh with all the wonderously disastrous things that have happened to her.


I saw Diana perform...  and she was hilarious. My girlfriend and I had tears in our eyes!

Shaun Thompson

Untitled design.png


Diana has been writing stories since she first learned her letters. Despite never receiving her pen license she continues to write short stories, articles and even the occasional script. So if you need help writing a joke or a ghost writer let her know. Or you can check out some of her stories here as well as some filmed content.



Diana is a classically trained actor. She's been passionate about the stage and screen from a young age and enjoys working in both the theatre and in filmed content.


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Awesome, original, funny without racism, sexism, any-ism! What a refreshing change!

Susan Walters

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