The Sarcastic Cooking Show

Pumpkin Soup

The Big Breakfast

PMS Brownies

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Set in Melbourne during the daily antics of a coffee shop it's hard to tell who are crazier, the staff or the customers. In this episode regular patron Lance tries to work up his courage to ask out the waitress Jamie. Constantine continues her rambling lectures on life while trying to ignore her attraction to Geordie and Julia meets and attractive stranger while Marcus simply does his best to keep everything under control. A Charles Sturt University production featuring a cast from the Acting for Screen and Stage program, crewed by some of the graduates of Television Production 2013.

Cottage 226

Six students are starting their university lives and are thrown together in the same Cottage. Their differing personalities make waves at first but they eventually learn to get along as they struggle through their first week together.

It may not be award winning but when we left uni we all quickly realised we needed more showreel material so I wrote, filmed and directed some short scenes with friends.

 Table Building

F***ing Marry You


Just a little bit of behind the scenes fun!

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