• Diana McLaren

The 'What if I'm Wrong' Game- Global Warming Edition

Protecting the environment is important to me. I believe Global Warming is a threat to not just our way of life but life itself. There are many out who disagree and think that it’s not a threat and we need not do anything.

So I want to play a game. It’s called the ‘What if I’m Wrong’ Game. It’s kind of like ‘would you rather?’ This is how it works.

  • You take your position on something

  • And then follow it through to the most extreme conclusion you can

  • Repeat with opposition

  • And then see which outcome you can most live with


Scenario 1: We do everything in our power to prevent global warming!

Well if it turns out I’m right and global warming is a problem then we’ve done our best to prevent it and hopefully put the infrastructure in place to stop and eventually reverse the damage we’ve been doing.

And if I’m wrong and those pesky lying scientists made up global warming then we’ve built infrastructure and new industries that create jobs in renewable energy and decreased the pollution in the atmosphere.

The worst-case scenario is that this collapses the industries of our current energy sources such as coal in Australia. Which would put many people out of jobs and effect the economy. Well the economy may falter but the financial gain of renewable resources should eventually balance it back out. And the government will need to provide for those that are out of work and assist them in getting retrained in new industries. All of which we already have systems in place to do so would be accomplishable.

Scenario 2: We don’t do everything in our power to prevent global warming!

Well if those pesky scientists were lying and it’s not a problem the worst-case scenario is that we wasted some time talking about global warming rather then other pressing issues. And what we did do to prevent global warming can be chalked up to experience and learning.

Even if we did dint the fossil fuels industry a little, causing a temporary dip in the economy and the need to retrain individuals for new industries while supporting them in the meantime, it basically the same as the worst case in scenario 1.

If the scientists all around the world that swear global warming is real were right and we didn’t prevent it well then firstly our ability to farm and harvest food is interrupted resulting in wide spread famine. Sea level rise interrupting our infrastructure, destroying many places around the world as they sink, like the myth of Atlantis.

This would of course have a huge effect on the economy and with many nations losing their infrastructure. The economy may be hit so hard it doesn’t recover in a timely manner. In fact depending on the impact on infrastructure we may lose our import export abilities, which would mean the international economy would cease to operate.

We’ll also have massive loss of life, both human and animal. Extinction of entire species is likely. And the extreme weather events will also cause lost of death and destruction. Of course this mass loss of life will be great for our overpopuation problem. And with that many people dead we will start using less resources so the world could correct on it's own, we'll just lose half the population and much of our land mass and lifestyles in the process. It's entirely possible that humans will become extinct unless of course we suceed in leaving earth to go ruin another planet.

To sum it up a lot of people die, we ruin the economy anyway and our infrastructure and way of life. Also there would be interruptions to power and wi-fi so no social media and online streaming… oh the humanity!

We’ll now we have our two scenarios… which one can you live with?

And if anyone thinks I missed any worst-case scenario elements to consider in either scenario, shout them out! I’m always looking for more feedback.

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