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Am I okay with 'drifting'?

People keep asking me at the moment if I’m okay with ‘drifting’. I believe what they’re referring to is the fact that since I quit my job in the big city I’m not ‘doing anything’. By anything they mean trying to continue my career as a community manager, or finding another job where I work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

It’s true that during this ‘time off’ I wrote a book, started doing stand up comedy on a regular basis and have been freelancing. I’m taking time to enjoy my life, swim often, exercise regularly and play lots of scrabble with my grandma. Apparently this is not ‘doing anything’.

We often forget that is our up bringing and our society at large that makes us feel we have to be anything other then what we are. This sense of having to get somewhere and do something, whether it’s a profession, ‘finding ourselves’ (whatever that means) or even simply acquiring more possession to increase our illusion of security.

But here is somewhere as well and what I’m doing is something.

This sense others have that I should be ‘doing something’ is about them and not about me. I often hear ‘but don’t you want to get ahead?’ Ahead of what? What is there to get in front of?

I have never heard of a man on his death bed saying ‘my god I wish I put in more hours at work!’ or ‘you know if I had gotten that new iPhone I think I would have been happier!’ If you can find me someone who feels that way at the end of their life then I will happily eat my words.

The stories I hear are of people wishing they took more time off to be with their families. They wish they’d followed that dream that was less secure but was something they loved doing. And they wish that they’d wasted less time trying to get ahead.

So… yes I am okay with ‘drifting’. In fact I’m ecstatic about ‘drifting’ and not ‘doing anything’. Because the things I am doing, despite the fact that they are not an ‘anything’ are making me happy.

It feels customary to now add a ‘When I look back on my life in 20 years I won’t regret this time’. It’s probably true, I won’t regret this but that’s still living for some future state. But how about something new, I don’t regret my time now. And better yet, I love my time now!

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