• Diana McLaren

Trump may be a good thing...

Coming from a peace loving feminist who believes in an egalitarian society where discrimination is a myth of the past it might sound weird that I think Trump is a good thing. Sure he's a bigot, unqualified for his job and using it to force his own agenda... but, he's also giving us something to rally against.

Political correctness didn't remove the many biases we all live with every day, It just better taught us how to cover up our hate. And like oil beneath the skin it's been building up for awhile and finally the pimple head has broken through... That's Trump! His rise to power has brought to light the deep rooted hatred and anger that had been festering away for far to long. But now we know and can take steps towards cleaning up the mess.

In so many a futuristic alien space movies, when the aliens attack planet earth we finally realise we're all on the same side and fight together to protect the only world we have. We fight together against the invasion we don't believe in and to protect the united 'us'. So in a lot of ways Trump is our alien attack against the people. As we march against him, rally together to say he is wrong or chant 'he will not divide us', we are all united to make this world a better place.

That is not to say that there isn’t a large constituency of people who believe everything Trump is doing is right, correct and the only path. It is too easy to mock these people. It is also too easy to mock Trump. Let’s instead take a chance to realise they are victims of their circumstance even if they don’t realise it themselves.

Imagine you were raised with the same conviction you feel right now about the rights of all individuals but instead had been taught to hate. Imagine that you were taught your worth is measured by your bank account. Imagine you were taught bullying and power were the only path to a sense of safety and security. Imagine you had such a limited experience of the world you were allowed to live with deeply ingrained hateful biases simply because you’d never been exposed to people who could help you overcome them.

When I play this ‘imagine game’ I start to feel a little sick. If I thought my worth was determined by my bank balance I would not be able to feel the success of loving generosity and kindness extended to someone in need. I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet half the amazing people in my life that changed my point of view. I wouldn’t be able to look back on history with out the white wash, male wash and straight wash that we are taught and realise everyone has contributed to history.

If I try to imagine being brought up that way I start to feel like I am not inherently worthy of love and respect. That it is only because of an accident of birth or some yardstick I manage to measure up to that I am worth love and time. That is not a way I would want to live.

And so I let the pity in and am happy to say that not only do I think Trump and his policies is a good rallying point for us, but that we can help those who live without the knowledge that everyone is equally deserving of love and respect. And show them a better way forward.

So as easy as it is to shout back at those currently in power and making decisions we don't agree with, maybe it isn't the best way. Maybe we can help with our own loving kindness to overcome their pain. Pain they probably don't even realise they have. Rather then approaching everything as a fight, and better then sinking to their level and exchanging insults; we can help.

With our words and our actions we can model for them love and tolerance. We can show them acceptance and still correct the societal flaw of hierarchy that has taught any of us that we are better then someone or something else.

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