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Why do we call Vampires immortals?

Why do we call Vampires immortals?

I mean they’re not immortal. They just die differently then us. So illness won’t get them. And they aren’t as susceptible to injury. That doesn’t make you immortal. It’s basically the same as having a decent immune system and wearing armor.

The only real advantage they have is that they don’t wear out. Like they don’t age the same way we do so theoretically they can live a really long time. But doesn’t that kind of spoil the fun when it’s like, “Nah, I’ll do it next decade.” I imagine vampires are quite lazy. Without the society created fear of wasting time I think we’d all be quite lazy.

I mean scarcity and limited resources is what drives us to competition and desire so it kind of makes sense that if your time is unlimited you’d lose a major driving factor and possibly be quite dull. Maybe that’s why the instinct for drinking blood is so strong, to give them a new drive so that they’re not all just boring sods.

Of course the other argument is that when you feel the limitlessness of the world you realize there is no need for competition or to get anywhere. Which would mean that you’re truly experiencing the present. This is the goal of most meditation and is considered to be one of the paths to true happiness. So that’s another stupid thing about vampires, why are they all so moody and cranky all the time. Surely logically speaking they’d actually be very happy people.

Sure they can’t go out in the sun and absorb vitamin D, which is often associated with happiness. But since they’re living off blood, I highly doubt they have the same physiology as us. So aren’t we doing that thing where we assume that others think, feel and act the same way we do for the same reasons because we haven’t truly taken the time to understand them.

And if they’ve lived a really long time and seen the various social set ups surely they’d see through all of them. Like they’re not going to get caught up in politics and crap because it’s all the same. And I can’t imagine they’d discriminate because they’d realize that everyone at some point in history has been called the less because their opposition was in power and thus it’s all just a big waste of energy. Plus they’d feel limitless not competition so I don’t think they could discriminate.

Okay so this was full of tangents, but vampires aren’t immortal.

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