• Diana McLaren

Sincerely, A Woman

Dear Society,

If I care about my appearance I am narcissistic.

And if I don't I'm a slob.

Too much make up, I’m fake.

Not enough and I am slovenly.

If I don’t have sex I’m a prude.

If I do I’m a slut.

If I act flirtatious but don’t sleep with you, I’m a tease.

If I flirt with you and have sex with you, I’m easy.

If I don’t flirt with you, I’m frigid.

But if I did you tell me that’s the same as yes.

If I study I’m a nerd.

If I neglect my education I’m dumb.

But if I show my intellect I’m a know it all.

If I hide my intellect I’m a bimbo.

If I’m thin then there’s nothing to hold.

If I’m fat then there’s too much and you’re overwhelmed.

If I like art then I’m pretentious.

And If I don’t then I’m lowbrow.

If laugh at your jokes I’m a suck up.

When I don’t I’m a bitch from hell.

Why do you only want to make me feel bad? It’s like regardless of what I do you’re going to call me a name and make me feel bad for what I am.


A Woman

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