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The easiest essay!

Going through some old files I found this; the easiest way to write an easy. Just replace the sentence with what it describes:

This is the first sentence of the essay which explains the topic that I will explore in the course of the essay. When necessary; this is the sentence that outlines my point of view on the subject or the angle at which I have chosen to explore the topic. This sentence outline’s my first point for the topic to be explored in paragraph one. This sentence outline’s my second point for the topic to be explored in paragraph two. This sentence outline’s my third point for the topic to be explored in paragraph three. This is the sentence that will impose a yardstick if I am attempting to prove something. This is the final sentence of the introduction, which introduces the first paragraph.

This is the opening line of the first paragraph, which restates the first point in slightly more detail while mentioning the facts that will be used to support it. This is the first fact that includes dates/ names/ places etcetera that supports my first point. This is the second fact that also supports the first fact and provides further information or is perhaps a quote from a supporting oppinion. This is the third fact of information that supports my first point and provides the final information for the paragraph, so at this point I should have proved my point for this paragraph. If more then three facts are needed you may continue but considering word limit and the importance of being clear and succinct, three should be all that is necessary. This sentence ties how this first point proves my essay’s overall statement, which was outlined in the first sentence of the essay. This sentence connects it to my point of view or angle if necessary. I then have a sentence that introduces my second paragraph subtly by drawing a connection between the first and second point of my essay.

The second and third paragraphs follow the same formula as above.

The conclusion opens with a restatement of the initial premise of the essay including the point of discussion or proof. This sentence briefly reiterates the information I’ve used to support the topic at hand but doesn’t introduce any new information. If a yardstick was proposed then I briefly explain how the information provided has proved conclusively my point because I have met that yardstick. This sentence is the final words on the topic, for impact it is best if kept brief, do not finish with a rhetorical question, it can state your opinion if necessary but most commonly should simply state what you we’re proving or discussing in the simplest way possible and be presented as a fact because you have confidence in the essay that you just wrote.

To anyone else out there trying to skate through on a few assignments I hope this helps. ;)

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