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Diana has decided to offer her book as a FREE downloadable PDF to anyone who wants to read it. So download away and enjoy!

This book started as a poem she wrote when she was drunk... I know, so unlike her... and she simply didn't stop until it was a full book. She taught herself to use a graphics tablet and cartoon purely so she could write this book so she hopes you appreciate the effort. 

If you enjoy it she does accept donations via PayPal. However if you don't have spare money she also really appreciate emails telling her what you liked about the book.

Happy Reading!

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But why?

You may be thinking 'But why would I want to read this random book by a person of quetsionable sanity?'

Great question!

The book is really funny... that's a reason.

It's insightful... at least she likes to think so!

You have nothing better to do right now!

It's FREE!

You want to know exactly how strange she is!

Reading is fun!

It's easy to read and has pictures!

Diana will be flattered that someone wanted to read her book!

There are cats in it!

You're already here!

Maybe just read it and then if you hate it you can abuse her with details!

Again... it's FREE!

There's a blog you can read!

And another blog!

If you're still looking for a reason just have a read of the back cover and decide that way.

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Come on just give it a try!

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Sneak Peek

Can you guess what this is in reference to?

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