Some other random stuff about Diana:


Her nickname is Dee. Not Di. The later when it’s said aloud sounds like a command. DIE!


She plays the ukulele poorly but with a lot of enthusiasm. She’s very passionate about music in general and I highly suggest you don’t get her started; you could end up talking for hours.


She’s also very passionate about movies and television; she has seen a lot of them. Some might call it a waste of time, but time enjoyed cannot be wasted… in her opinion.


She likes alcohol and caffeine a little more than is socially acceptable but the words, ‘Want to grab a drink?’ will always be answered with either ‘Yes’ or 'I already have one.’


She loves dancing, karaoke and trivia. Also sleeping, naps and lying around doing nothing or reading. Books are also not something I’d get her started on.


Diana once fell ass first through the sunroof of her own car. I kind of wish that one was a joke.