Diana McLaren was born in 1991 on the south coast of Australia at Mt Warrigal Hospital, which causes her mother much grief as she thinks Warrigal sounds bogan. Diana doesn’t mind. She lived in the coastal town of Kiama until she was 8. At which time she moved with her whole family to Armonk, New York courtesy of her mother's job and attended school there for four years.


In 2004 the family returned to Australia as her parents feared she was becoming ‘too American’. It was however too late as she is loud, opinionated to the point of obnoxious and loves bagels. Clearly an American.


Moving back to Australia she finished out her schooling in Sydney attending three different high schools in part because she was bullied and in part because single-gender schools with uniforms just weren’t her thing, but it took awhile to figure that out. But she still spent her weekends in Kiama and that was nice.


After finishing high school she decided to move to Wagga Wagga for the university where she completed two Bachelors of Art in Acting for Screen and Stage and Television Production.


Upon graduating from university she moved back to Sydney where she quickly became the community manager at The Hub Sydney, a coworking space. Essentially she looked after the hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs that passed through the office. She left after two years to return to her artistic roots.


She now lives in Kiama again and is focused on her art in all it’s forms (but especially comedy, acting and writing) and pimps out her skills as a videographer, photographer, graphic designer, social media marketing expert, UX designer, writer and more.


Some other random stuff about Diana:


Her nickname is Dee. Not Di. The later when it’s said aloud sounds like a command. DIE!


She plays the ukulele poorly but with a lot of enthusiasm. She’s very passionate about music in general and I highly suggest you don’t get her started; you could end up talking for hours.


She’s also very passionate about movies and television; she has seen a lot of them. Some might call it a waste of time, but time enjoyed cannot be wasted… in her opinion.


She likes alcohol and caffeine a little more than is socially acceptable but the words, ‘Want to grab a drink?’ will always be answered with either ‘Yes’ or 'I already have one.’


She loves dancing, karaoke and trivia. Also sleeping, naps and lying around doing nothing or reading. Books are also not something I’d get her started on.


Diana once fell ass first through the sunroof of her own car. I kind of wish that one was a joke.